Technical-coordinative microcycle. Category 9-10 year olds. Session 2

In this new edition of the magazine, we continue with the series of articles that address in the form of training sessions, varied content included in a Microcycle targetted at the U9 and U10 youth categories.

Specifically, we give continuity to the microcycle addressing session 2 of the same, which will be based on the structure of session 1, and will mostly respect the comprehensive content of the microcycle included in the first one. The small modifications we make will be for the purpose of making this second session a progression in terms of complexity of execution of each of the gestures and technical contingencies.
Similarly to the first session it will revolve around the development and work of the perceptual-motor skills, using football as a tool, and in order to make our player a more ABLE athlete, capable of adapting to different coordinative needs of the game and facilitate their future integration into different tactical schemes.

by Félix García Raposo & Efrén Rodríguez GallegoAnalysis
Issue nº 8

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