Improvement of Attacking Width and Depth.

The exercise that we present this month will help us improve the attacking width, and at the same time achieve depth to reach areas of completion.

We will try to identify and highlight the defensive imbalance of the opponent by provoking situations of 2x1 through the outside channels. For this we will place two wildcard players per team in these channels, and we will force their team-mates to pass to the sides to look for numerical superiority in the channel.

The exercise will involve the obligation to use the possession of the ball and possible changes of direction, to generate the most suitable situation to force the 2x1 in the channel.
In the same way, the players participating in the exercise will work on both attacking completions, as well as the ability to defend these and of course, the attack-defence and defence-attack transitions.
We hope that these type of exercises will help you to improve the performance of your teams and that the players understand that the best way to reach the opponent's goal is not always the straightest.

by Julio Vila TorresAnalysis
Issue nº 8

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